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It’s Thursday night… do you know what that means?

It means the Satmars are cooking up chocolate babka for shabbas. Once a week on Thursday, they make babka and those Jews can rock some out-fucking-rageous chocolate babka. The chocolate just oozes slowly out from the bottom of the cake like some sweet chocolate vagina juicier than boiled okra.

Did I just say that?….well its bout time this blog kept it real. But everyone I bring this babka to loves it…even my anti-semitic¬†friends. I don’t care if your frum, goy, shia or shemale, the babka commands.

The bakery I go to is Kaff’s; on Lee st just north of the BQE in the heart of Hasidic Williamsburg.

I was first turned onto Kaff’s but Mr. Zev Eisenburg. Zev was raised Lubavitch, and knowing this about him, I knew he was someone I could trust to lead me to a true Jewish bakery. “Kaff’s” was the name he gave up. He told me a lot of important decisions had been made there.

He then asked me where to go for Italian food. I said Carmines at Graham and Metropolitan… but thats another story.