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Whether you’re stone drunk at 2am; or trying to get a jump on the day at 6am. Or maybe you’re trying to get a jump on the day at 2am and eventually drunk by 6am, It doesn’t matter. You can always get some empandas and rellano de papas hot and fresh at Cuchifritos.

The city that never sleeps is snoozing on that fact more and more, but where I live on Myrtle and Knickerbocker, they keep the nocturnal spirit alive. Round the corner from where I live, and I mean literally round the corner, is a Cuchifritos. That corner is jumping 24/7 whenever you want food or alcohol. You got Cuchifritos, Burger King, Subway and the Yemeni spot: Bushwick Deli.

Bushwick and Cuchi always did me right…and I still have yet to set foot in Subway and Burger King.

The Bushwick deli is relatively new, but that Cuchi has been there … long before my time in this neighborhood. I remember one of my 1st times in there, and the owner came up and threw some ox tails on my plate. When I asked, he told me his name was Julio.

Julio was….what am I saying, sorry Julio….Julio “IS” a large dude, balding, wearing glasses and sporting a bling’n earring. Julio is Cubano, and he and his whole family own all the Cuchi’s in New York City. All the folks behind the counter know me, flirt with me, ask for computer help, or just shout at me from the windows.

When I asked where Julio goes for good Cuban food, he told me Victors on the east side, in the 50’s.

My standard is usually just half a chicken with rice and bean sauce. Maybe some pernil, maybe some canoas. When my Boricua or Platano friends come fromt the BX and eat at my Cuchi, they always mention that it taste more official than their own. Thats because the secret ingredient is Sazon. They put it on everything.

That’s is why I treat the Cuchi like fast food. I can only eat there every so often because that Sazon is straight up MSG, and unless you like feeling your blood pressure go thru the roof while your hands get tremmers… moderate that shit.

Other than that..tell Francisco I said hi.

1 canoa please