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I was walking down knickerbocker the other day and saw this for sale in front of a store.

Fucking seriously rank

This is clearly disgusting. But Jews I know always talk about Gefilte Fish. From what I know, a lot of the more orthodox jewish friends of mine base their diet around tradition. Which is fucked up.

I mean I get it, there was a time when all you had access to was garbage, and you had to figure out a way to make that garbage sing. They aren’t alone. Italians have scungilli (snails), Japanese have got Sea Urchin, Jamaicans love sucking bone marrow out of chickens feet, black Americans do it with chitlins and pigs feet, Ecuadorians have got Cuy, and my white friends have ranch dressing.

It was a thing your people went thru and now you won’t let it go. It’s like you want to be reminded of just how bad things were, by submitting yourself to it on an anual basis, and call it tradition.

Why does it seem the traditions that are kept alive are the ones derived from suffering? I would think that whatever horrible thing that happened to make you eat such garbage, you would want to forget.

I most certainly wouldn’t want to relive it. But I have a weak stomach and one hell of a gag reflex. I was the one who had to turn to look away whenever Joe Rogan told contestants that they had to eat steamed raccoons anal cavity.